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Food & Beverage Facilities

In the Food and Beverage industry, a clean and hygienic antimicrobial floor is crucial. Food manufacturing facilities are constantly exposed to corrosive by-products and contaminants including oils, blood, fats, sugars and natural food acids which can contiminate the clean zone, causing bacterial growth.

Dura-Cote's team can provide the industrial flooring, wall, and ceiling solution for all zones within your food and beverage manufacturing facility.

Processing Areas:

Food Processing facilities require heavy-duty, long-lasting floors that will withstand heavy machinery and foot traffic. Most importantly, food processing facilities demand hygienic flooring systems that can eliminate any harmful bacteria (such as salmonella, E-coli or staphylococcus) as soon as it lands on the floor. Learn more about our Silver-Ion Antimicrobial Technology by clicking HERE. These floor coating systems must also provide a thick chemical resistant seal coat layer that can help protect from potentially harmful contaminants.

For processing areas of Food and Beverage Facilities, Dura-Cote recommends:

Non-Processing Areas:

Non-processing areas would include restrooms, breakrooms, hallways, entryways and anywhere else that food and/or beverages are not being processed or manufactured. These areas need to be easily cleaned and be able to withstand foot traffic, equipment traffic, machinery. We can provide solutions for every area of your facility.

For non-processing areas, Dura-Cote recommends:

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