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"Flowcrete has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in flooring for almost 30 years and works globally, in accordance with our group-wide mission statement, to achieve excellence in people, products and service..."
Flowcrete has a manufacturing location in Conroe, TX.

Dura-Cote is a proud contractor of Flowcrete, using Flowcrete's Flowfresh product line, which implements silver-ion antimicrobal technology for hygiene-conscious facilities.

Including hygienic, chemical and temperature resistant, and anti slip floor coatings, in addition to hardwearing, durable and steam-clean floor finishes, the Flowfresh flooring system caters to the demanding service conditions related to the Food and Beverage industries, as well as Pharmaceutical and Healthcare environments.

The Flowfresh products are all joint-free, delivering a seamless finish with no cracks, thus avoiding the accumulation of dust, dirt and bacteria. This renders the surface easier to clean and maintain and ensures improved hygiene between wash cycles.

The Flowfresh product system is recognized in the industry for its ability to deliver hygienic, durable, hard-wearing, clean floors, and fulfilling the highest hygiene standards.

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Flowfresh HF

Flowfresh HF is a heavy-duty, chemical and slip resistant polyurethane floor for use in wet areas subject to high volumes of traffic... MORE

Flowfresh MF

Flowfresh MF is a medium duty, self-smoothing polyurethane floor for use in dry areas subject to light-medium traffic... MORE

Flowfresh SR

Flowfresh SR is a heavy duty polyurethane resin floor with an attractive colored finish... MORE

Flowfresh SR is a cementitious urethane coving system, designed to complement our Flowfresh antimicrobial flooring system... MORE

Flowfresh FC is a high performance, UV stable, semi-gloss, antimicrobial treated cementitious urethane floor sealer... MORE

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