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Education Facilities

In the Education industry, a clean, odor-free and decorative flooring system is crucial. From classrooms to locker rooms to cafeterias, our products meet your specific facility's needs.

Dura-Cote has the right industrial flooring, wall, and ceiling solution to accomodate your education facility:

Classrooms, Locker Rooms, Restrooms and Corridors:

These areas of your education facility need a flooring solution that will be slip resistant and hold up to heavy foot traffic, while being clean and decorative at the same time. Fast cure time is also a big factor when doing renovations during the in-school season.

For these areas of your Education Facility, Dura-Cote recommends:

Kitchens and Cafeterias:

These areas of your education facility need a hygienic, antimicrobial flooring solution for cleanliness. Nothing works better than our series of antimicrobial products. Antimicrobial flooring offers protection from harmful bacteria and is easily cleaned.

For these areas of your education facility, Dura-Cote recommends: