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Chemical Processing Facilities

In the Chemical Processing industry, a floor that offers total protection against harmful chemicals is crucial. But you need protection from more than just chemicals. Our floors offer corrosion and erosion protection, mechanical resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Our industrial chemical resistant floors have got you covered.

Dura-Cote's team can provide the industrial flooring solution for all zones within your chemical procession facility.

Chemical Storage and Processing Areas:

In your chemical storage and chemical processing areas, you need a floor that will be corrosion resistant and chemical resistant. Our wall and flooring systems provide this and much more. Our exception flooring systems are fast curing, minimizing your downtime. They also have excellent abrasion and impact resistantance.

For your Chemical Processing Facility, Dura-Cote recommends:

Due to the wide variety of possible chemicals present in industrial facilities, we cannot accurately recommend any products without first uniquely evaluating your facility.

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